For the very best in European style, design and engineering look no further.


Finger Print readers eliminate the need for passwords and PIN codes.  In today's environment your access codes can be easily stolen.  Idencom Biometric Fingerprint readers add a level of security that is unsurpassed.  Indencom units range from compact BioKey Inside for door or gate access through to complete network TCP/IP solutions including remote management.

Switzerland is noted for lighting and UnexLED deliver high performance LED lighting that is unsurpassed.  There range of LED's include lamps that completely eliminate the "LED dot effect".

Italians are world renowned for their style, design and engineering.  Fabas Luce, Italy have a fantastic range of products including Patented LED lighting that is truly amazing.  Malanvil also of Italy produce hardware such as distribution cabinets that virtually disappear into walls, all made in Italy. 

Latest News

UnexLED Switzerland - The lastest GU10 fully dimmable Lamps 615 lumen!!

The lastest Finger Print Readers from Idencom now in Stock

Data Acquisition Systems Multi I/O controllers now available for remote monitoring and control live in real time via the interenet!

Fabas Luce, Italy products now in Australasia

Marlanvil, Italian Distribution boxes and Italian switches and face plates


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